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Sales Engineer/Consultant – Wisconsin & Minnesota

VRC Protx’s sales representative for the Great Lakes region, the Dale Prentice Company. is pleased to present the opportunity to join their team as an Industrial Sales Engineer. The Dale Prentice Company has been providing Application Engineering Solutions to their Midwest customers for over 90 years. At the Dale Prentice Company, they believe that people are their most important asset. This position presents an exciting opportunity for an entrepreneurial individual looking for a challenging and lively career in problem solving and sales.

This position will report to the Sales Team Manager. Qualified individuals will join their business development team in the Wisconsin and Minnesota area with an emphasis on process safety and process automation products and services.


  • Preferred Degree or experience in one of the following: Business Development, Project Management, Technical Sales, Customer Service, Engineering, Equipment Repair, Valve Automation, Valve Actuators, Electronics, Field Service.
  • Preferred 3+ years of experience in related field.
  • Preferred previous sales experience.
  • Preferred knowledge of process automation and related equipment.
  • Mandatory Driver License
  • Mandatory background check

Ideal Candidate Attributes

  • Comfortable presenting to large groups
  • Ability to communicate technical topics
  • Excellent written and oral communications
  • Knack for problem solving
  • Knack for identifying new ideas
  • Outgoing
  • Organized
  • Self-Starter
  • Willing to travel
  • Willing to work with a team and work alone

The Dale Prentice Company offers a unique opportunity to join growing company where your contributions will make a difference every day. They offer a competitive salary with the opportunity to earn performance bonuses paired with medical benefits, 401k savings plan, training, phone, tuition reimbursement, automobile reimbursement, competitive vacation plan, and a flexible work environment.

Please send resumes and questions to

Explosion Protection Terminology


In explosion protection of enclosures, Pred and Pes are two terms that often are used interchangeably, but are not the same thing. Pred, or “reduced pressure,” is the maximum pressure developed within an enclosure during a vented deflagration. Pes is the enclosure strength. Pes is defined as 2/3 of the enclosure’s ultimate strength if deformation of the enclosure can be tolerated or 2/3 of the enclosure’s yield strength if deformation cannot be tolerated.

When calculating the required vent area for an enclosure, NFPA standards state that Pred cannot exceed Pes (as defined above). When performing our calculations, we set Pred equal to Pes in order to minimize our vent size, and that leads to confusion of the terms. Also, many enclosure manufacturers will state a “Pred” for the enclosure, when they really should refer to Pes, or an “allowable” Pred. Pes must be provided for explosion protection design.

Pred vs. Pes is illustrated below, with Pstat being the explosion vent’s burst pressure, and Pmax being the max pressure of the burning dust in a vessel as determined by the ASTM E1226 dust test. If we can keep Pred below Pes, the enclosure won’t explode. Please note: During a suppressed deflagration, “Total Suppressed Pressure” replaces Pred in the illustration, but the idea is identical. Keep TSP below Pes and the enclosure won’t explode.