VRC Protx takes great pride in our Technician Development Program. Our Technical Services group has developed a training program second to none covering a broad range of technologies and manufacture types and models. Our subject matter experts provide intense classroom, hands on and field situation training that has created experienced skilled technicians available to react to any challenges in all of the industries where we provide our services.

The training courses for 2016 that are scheduled for our technicians and interested customers are below. Please contact us at to register.

Course Sizes 8 to 10 people

  • Coming Soon – Conservation Vent and Low Pressure Pilot Training – 101. Specific to Pentair Products. Evanston, WY Service Center.

To give you an idea of the subject matter in one of our training courses, the following is the course content of our Pressure Relief Valve – 101 training. If you would like more information about any of the other courses, please contact your local Service Center. Day 1 Anderson Greenwood Crosby Home Study Course Modules 1 through 10 Day 2 Classroom Codes and Standards, Why Do We Need Safety Devices – Types of Devices – Basic Terminology, The Evolution of Relief Devices, the Various Types & Their Advantages & Limitations, From Evolution to Principles of Operations. Day 2 Continued Hands On Demonstrate set points – various media Direct Spring & Pilots (81P, JLT, JOS_E air/steam, 83, 1511 or HSJ, 200 & 400 pilots), Use of Specific Shop Test Equipment, Run tests & call set points, Demonstrate Effects of Ring Settings on Steam Valves. Section 15 of the Anderson Greenwood Study Course Quiz # 1 Day 3 Classroom POPRV’s – A More Detailed Review of Operation, Installation & Options, ASME Section I Vales, The VR Process. Hands On Basic Measurement Tools & Competency, How to use the Dead Weight Tester, How to Handle Non-Conformances, PRV Repair Actives – Direct Spring, Complete VR Process accept for sand-blasting of components, Follow the specific valve I & M, Fill out VRO’s during the process. Section 15 of the Anderson Greenwood Study Course Quiz # 2 Day 4 Classroom Capacity Calculations, Low Pressure Pilots, Troubleshooting PRV’s, Competitive Product Overview Consolidated Pressure Relief Valves. Hands On PRV Repair Activities – 200 Series Pilots, Learn to set pilot lift from 0.10″ to 0.025″, PRV Repair Activities – 400 Series Pilots, Set Pilot’s on TD-1 Tank, Work on Main Valve-Determine how to properly adjust MV Piston lift for gas & Liquid. Section 15 of the Anderson Greenwood Study Course Quiz # 3 Day 5 Classroom Open Review & Discussion. Final Exam Hands On Repair / Testing / Sealing & VRO