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Shop and Field Repair of Boiler Blowdown Valves

Blowdown ValvesContinuous and intermittent blow-down (or blow-off) valves aid in the removal of dirt, sediment and scale from your boiler and are critical for the safe and efficient operation of your boiler plant.

But they shouldn’t be considered disposable.

Proper maintenance of these valves will extend their lifespan and lower your overall operational costs.  Regular maintenance will also help ensure that the valves will operate properly when needed.  Replacing these valves is expensive, particularly if your operation is interrupted unexpectedly due to premature valve failure. Regardless of manufacturer, VRC Protx can restore your valves to like-new condition, in our shop or on-site, at a more reasonable cost as compared to replacement.

After dis-assembly and inspection, our certified technicians will perform a complete overhaul using OEM service parts.  All service work is covered by a one year warranty on labor and defective parts.

If you find that the valve cannot be repaired or its not economically viable to do so, VRC Protx inventories the Yarway family of continuous and intermittent blow-down valves. Check out our newsletter with links to important documents

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